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English version of the program with Dr. Nida Chenagtsang

25. - 29.10. 2017

The program with Dr. Nidy starts on Thursday October 28 with course Miscellaneous diseases dedicated to students of third year studies of TTM.

Saturday October 28: Empowerment on Four medical tantras.

Sunday October 29 will offer public program entitled Workshop of Tibetan geomancy Sache.

Venue: Ekocentrum Loutí, Rabyně

Price for the whole course (including Sache Workshop): 310,- EUR, exclusive accommodation and meals costs. Payment in cash on the venue.

Please fill in our registration form here, thank you.

Accommodation and food are to be ordered on the same link as the course, you don’t need to contact the center personally.

More information here: Ekocentrum Loutí

25 – 27th October 2017 3 days  Dr Nida TTM 3.3 Miscelaneous Disorders Loutí
28 October 2017 1 day  Dr Nida  Gyushi Empowerment  Loutí
29 October 2017 1 day  Dr Nida  Sache – Tibetan Geomancy Workshop  Loutí


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